Stewardship and Development Office


Everything we have, everything we are, and everything we will become is a gift from Almighty God. As stewards of those gifts, we are called to return a portion of our time, talent and treasure in gratitude for God’s great bounty. The Diocese of Austin—with its parishes, offices, agencies, schools and outreach ministries—has numerous volunteer opportunities and many avenues to give of your financial resources. To volunteer your time and talent, please contact your parish, school or agency directly.

The Stewardship and Development Office serves as a resource for parishes, schools and Catholic agencies in planning and implementing stewardship and development programs and capital and endowment campaigns.




Meet our Staff

Meet the staff of the Stewardship and Development Office and learn how we can help you. 

Make a Donation

The Diocese of Austin is a tax-exempt organization and donations may be made by check, cash, credit card, electronic gift, stock transfer or planned gift.

Catholic Services Appeal

Since 1978, the Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) has provided millions of dollars toward the needs of the Diocese of Austin. Annual support from Catholics throughout Central Texas allows the diocese to continue the ministry of Jesus.

Parish Stewardship

The diocesan program provides guidelines for conducting a stewardship program in the parish. Since God has called each of us to be faithful stewards of the many gifts he has given us, stewardship is our motivation for supporting our parishes, schools and diocese. For more information, visit the Stewardship website page. 

Catholic Foundation

The Catholic Foundation– Diocese of Austin works with generous donors across Central Texas to match their hopes for the future with their passions of today.  Let us help you continue to give compassionately, meet the needs of our community, and create a legacy that endures.

Special Collections

Special collections are taken up in the diocese throughout the year. Promotion and publication of these collections are coordinated through the Stewardship and Development Office. These collections meet the needs of several programs in the diocese, the Church in the United States and the universal Church. For more information and to see a list of collections, visit the Special Collections website page. 

Catholic School Development

The Stewardship and Development Office works with the Catholic Schools Office to assist all 23 Catholic schools in the Diocese of Austin with their strategic planning, marketing and development. For more information, visit the Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Austin's website.

Parish and School Capital Campaign Support

In the life of a parish, school or service organization, it is often necessary to conduct a capital campaign. A capital campaign is a concentrated effort to raise significant funding over a relatively short period of time.